Stellar Organization Declares its Monthly Round-up for July 2020

Stellar Organization Declares

After the second quarter of 2020 ended in June, Stellar Development Foundation has now disclosed its updates for July. In the first week of August 2020, the organization has announced its round-up for July and has accepted the new normal of virtual business caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The organization continues to grow and thrive in the current economic turbulences. In 2020, it has evolved its business environment and is focussing on struggling communities.

To begin with, Stellar updated its Ecosystem with Protocol 13. The Stellar Network successfully deployed its Protocol 13 upgrade in mid-June and ran it seamlessly in July. 

Aligned to the “Meridian 2020 – A Global Connection to Solve Real-World Challenges”, Stellar devoted its annual Meridian conference towards an urgent response that created a worldwide collaboration forum. This forum shared ideas and accelerated the organization’s actions on content and logistics. 

The New Stellar documentation was released in July, which compiled all the outcome of months of beta testing. The documentation receives great feedback from the Stellar ecosystem and is up for launching Stellar’s all-new and improved documentation development project.

The organization beefed up its network security. In mid-July, it took up significant measures to protect its accounts. There were no social promotions or giveaways or even staking events. With the security guide updates, users were informed to check URLs and discouraged from sharing their authentication keys.

The organization hosted the ‍Anchor Basics webinar and shared the vital role of anchors on the Stellar network. In this webinar, the basics of the anchor model, the opportunities, and the road to becoming an anchor were illustrated. 

The 5th Stellar Community Fund entered its discussion rounds, and proposals were submitted. Participant entries have already started receiving feedback. 

‍Stellar introduced the Vault Signer© Card through a partnership with LOBSTR via Tangem. The card will increase applications for flexible multi-signature solutions.

KlickOwn, a crowd investment platform from Hamburg, completed the IBO for “Historisches Lüneburg” properties, conducted solely via Stellar’s tokenized securities or security tokens. In Developer updates, Stellar released the Horizon 1.5.0 and made AnchorUSD fee-less to transform the payment industry.

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