Stellar (XLM) Appears Bullish After Recent Escalation of 7.63%

Stellar has followed its peers and continued to trade as per the whole market’s trend. Over the last 24 hours, the XLM coin price has been jacked up by 7.63%, and its value has reached a new high at $0.040642. This bullish spree of the market is here to stay for some days.

Stellar Price Analysis

Stellar (XLM) Price News

If we look at the price movement of Stellar Lumens over the last 2 days, it was trading at $0.037759 at the opening of the yesterday, and over the next eleven and a half hours, it was escalated by 7.69% and added $0.0029. It was followed by another price hike that happened between 14:14 & 21:14 UTC. In these 7 hours, XLM price moved up by 3.15% and touched the highest point of the day at $0.041070.

After hitting $0.041 mark, the coin faced moderate fall, and by 23:58 UTC, Stellar price dropped to $0.040038 by 2.5% fall. However, later, at the time of writing, the currency marked slight improvement, and the price reached $0.040642. Currently, the XLM coin trades with having support from its 50-day MA, which is spotted at $0.0405. If the currency continues to trade upwards, it might test its immediate resistance around its 20-day MA ($0.040666). The MACD indicator shows that its Signal line has overlapped the MACD line. It shows that Stellar’s current bullish momentum may not be a long-lasting one.

Stellar Reels Under Bearish Pressure; Falls to $0.038 Overnight

The overall bearish pressure of the market has not spared any major coins. Stellar’s value has been pulled down by a massive 4.23% over the last 24 hours. Its current value roams around $0.038 after a freefall from $0.040.

If we look at the last week’s price movement of XLM/USD, from March 23 to 28, the currency has marked a steady upward movement and reached a high of $0.042. However, at this high, Stellar price faced rejection and started a downside correction, and till today, it continued the downtrend.

XLM Price Prediction

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Yesterday, the currency started trading at $0.040050, and in the first 10 hours and 48 minutes, the price of Stellar Lumens got dropped by 1.97% and lost $0.0007. It was followed by another drop in the value. That took the XLM price to $0.037964 by 20:31 UTC. Towards the closing of the day, Stellar’s value deteriorated further. Today, the coin lost another 1.76%, and its price touched the lowest point of the 24 hours at $0.037624. However, since then, it has been gradually moving upwards.

At the time of writing, the XLM coin price was spotted at $0.03835 with having support from 20 days MA and 50 days MA. The RSI has reached into the overbought region as it was at 82.85 points. This indicates the price trend of Stellar cryptocurrency might get reversed. Investors seem bullish on the probable price movement of the coin.

Will Stellar Lead the Way to Stable Upside Momentum?

Stellar (XLM) continues to fight the ongoing bearish pressure over the last few days. The past 30 days have seen the price with intermittent upward and downward movements with the trading in the range of $0.031 – $0.062.

XLM Price Prediction

Stellar (XLM) Price News

If we look at the price trend of Stellar Lumens over the past 30 days, it reflects that the currency is on a recovery spree. The coin started on a high note on February 27 at $0.0624. Then, it marked moderate correction and went down to $0.0557 on March 01. After this fall, the coin recovered on March 07 and reached a high of $0.0605 by 9.14% hike. However, after that, the bears continued to wreak havoc in the crypto market, and XLM price also faced a massive price fall by which it reached a low of $0.0314 on March 13, the fall being to the extent of 47.71%.

Further, Stellar crypto managed to fight the bear pressure and reach a high of $0.0429 on March 20 by a strong recovery of 38.35%. However, the bearish hold continued on the coin, as was evident with the fall in the price of XLM coin to $0.0369 on March 23. Later, in the next 3 days, the price of Stellar again recovered to $0.0406, showing a rise of 10.03%. As per the current price trend, XLM coin is slowly bracing itself for a bullish momentum even under current selling pressure. The currency may show more stability in the months to come.

Stellar Price Analysis: XLM Continues Sluggish Recovery & Trades Above $0.040

Stellar (XLM) has seen the bear pressure from close quarters since the start of the year, but still, it has managed to hold its ground at regular intervals. The past one-day price trend for the coin has seen the price continually under bear pressure, but still, the coin has recovered with the price reaching a high of $0.041. This shows that the XLM coin is living up to its reputation of reacting well even under strong bearish pressure.

XLM Price Prediction

Stellar (XLM) Price News

At the beginning of the month, Stellar Lumens was trading with bullish influence, but after March 7, the coin started trading downwards, and after hitting a low at $0.028 on March 13, XLM price seems to be taking on the bear pressure with full grit. Yesterday, the coin was trading at $0.04006 at 00:23 UTC and then, if faced moderate fall and the price touched $0.0392. However, the price then shot up to $0.0406, the upward rally being at 3.48%. After this hike, the bear pressure was too strong, as it was evident from the fall in the price of Stellar at $0.0393 at 15:19 UTC.

Further, the XLM coin managed to beat the bear pressure and reach a high of $0.0406 again. There has been a strong bearish momentum today as the price of TRX has fallen to $0.0401, the fall is at 1.47%. Stellar Lumens continues to face the bear pressure as seen from the price movements since the start of the year. Analysts expect the price of the coin to show a more stable momentum in the ensuing months.

Stellar Spikes Hope of Improvement by Marking Significant Correction

Stellar coin is currently experiencing a slight bullish trend. There anticipation of colossal profit could be farfetched but the moderate escalation in the price of XLM seems happening.

The future predictions for the coin are also good and the investors looking for high dividend in a short span can pick Stellar. The currency is renowned to mark hasty movement thus, the long-term prediction seems futile. However, the improvement in the momentum is also on the charts. The coin might be seen depleting the haste and taking up moderate pace in a short while.

XLM/USD Price Chart:

Stellar (XLM) Price News

Stellar was trading at $0.0596 at 00:01 UTC on March 03, 2020 and in just 30 minutes, the price plunged to $0.0587. After floating around the same level, XLM price escalated to $0.0599 at 03:55 UTC. The coin experienced a 2% drop and 3% upsurge in the next 8 hours as the coin travelled to $0.0586 from $0.0599, for a further spike to $0.0605. Further, the coin couldn’t hold itself at the level and dropped to $0.0587 at 14:40 UTC. The price spiked to $0.0594 but later dropped to $0.0578. The downtrend moderated and towards the closing period the same reflected a price escalation to $0.0584. The intraday movement of the coin exhibited a drop of 2.55% in the price. Today, Stellar began with a plunge and therefore, touched $0.0577 at 00:26 UTC. The coin improved to $0.0587 in the impending 3 hours and locked the price till 06:00 UTC. Recently, Stellar price correction was disturbed as the counter dribbled to $0.0581 but recovered immediately back to $0.0587.

As per the MACD indicator laid on the intraday chart, we see slight bullish crossover as the MACD line of Stellar crosses above the Signal line showing slight positive price change against the US Dollar.

 Stellar is now at $0.0587. The coin has a high possibility of climbing and violating the immediate resistance level at $0.0597.